Thursday, February 28, 2013



After a fairly non-descript day at sea, we arrived this afternoon at Aruba.  I was first call, but Chris, the legendarily generous soul she is, offered to take a few hours of my day so I could get out with the family and relax.  It was my first real chance to get off the ship in a non work capacity and just hang out with the family.  So, after a somewhat disasterous all hands crew abandon ship drill, we left.  I say disasterous because Sarah got turned around by a misguided traffic director and was very late to her life raft and was chastised a bit before being shown how her and the kids life jackets were tied incorrectly.  Of course, I am on a different life boat on the other side of the ship. 

So, we did get ashore eventually.  My apologies to the more visually stimulated readers out there.  I didn't bring the camera.  I didn't want to leave it sitting out on a touristy beach if we all wanted to get in the water. 

Here is a note to the traveler.  Protip:  To all the touts and hawkers out there.  If you are telling me it is a great deal, I know that it isn't.  If it was really a great deal, you wouldn't be telling me about it but would be taking it yourself and selling it to me at a higher price.  Just the fact that you are telling me about it means it isn't a great deal.  Leave me alone. 

Ahhhh, where were we?  Yes, the beach.  So, we spent wayyy too much money on a taxi and he took us to the beaches over by the hotels.  He explained that these were the best beaches today because it was so windy.  The hotels block the wind and kept you from being scoured by the sand.  30 mph winds and fine sand can be painful.  Turns out he knew what he was talking about.  We swam and goofed off for a couple of hours and returned for dinner.  Nothing spectacular, but much needed.  Tomorrow I am third call and we are in Curacao with no specific plans.  My favorite.  Should be a nice day and I plan on bringing the camera.  Hopefully tonight can go back to the no call routine.  I won't count on it though.  So, off to bed. 

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