Monday, February 25, 2013


Turnaround day.

We were in Fort Lauderdale today.  Still can't say or type that without thinking, in my best Spiccoli voice, "Lauuuderdaaaaalle."  I know, Fast Times wasn't located there, just the best voice for that cry.

So, I was first call.  A few trips out to the terminal to check on passengers.  Nothing big.  Sarah and the boys had to get off the ship for a bit and go through Customs and whatnot.  They tried to make the best of the day.  Then, back on board to find new passengers trying to find their way around the ship. And after we spent all that time training the last ones too.  Shucks. 

And tonight I broke the first call/no calls streak.  Oh well, it was too good to last anyway. 

Tomorrow I am third call, but it is Half Moon Cay day.  That means I get to work on the island anyway.  Oh well, to work in a clinic on a tropical island doesn't sound so bad if you are stuck in a snow storm in Minnesota or somewhere.  I guess I'll take it. 

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