Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last day of the first cruise together as a family.  It was a good day. 

We have settled in enough that we are finally able to enjoy and take advantage of our surroundings a bit.  Sarah and the boys went to a towel animal folding class and came back to the room where they promptly made a towel Jabba the Hut.  Just kidding, it was better than that.  She says they are going to go to it on the next cruise and get in more practice. 

Then she and the kids went to a talk about the real pirates of the Carribean.  It was an historical slide show presentation about the history of piracy.  They learned about Sir Francis Drake, Black Beard, Black Bart and Captain Kidd, among others.  Michael and Sarah loved it, Max was bored, but behaved. 

We took the kids to the Lido for dinner and then dropped them off at Club HAL for the first time in the day so Sarah and I could enjoy a dinner at the Pinnacle restaurant.  That is the it's so fancy it costs extra restaurant on the ship.  We had a delicious dinner and got to talk and relax a bit.  I think we have had more alone time on this cruise than any time since we had the boys.  It was nice to reconnect like this.  I think it will do us good. 

I am up late finishing, I think, the voyage report.  I still have a few things to do before we finish tomorrow and bring on another load.  Sarah and the boys have to get off and then get back on for reasons that are important to someone else.  Then we start all over again.  I hope to get a phone call or two in. 

I hope everyone is doing well out there in the real world.  We are find here in our little illusory cocoon.  Maybe some more pictures soon. 

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