Wednesday, February 20, 2013


For some reason, the carriage returns I do to inject white space into the blog to improve readability have not been making into the published blog whenever I use this computer. Like this. Or this one. So sorry dear reader. I am trying. Perhaps when I return to civilization I will correct them. Until then, I guess I am just stuck with it. Today was a good day. Last night was a good night. That was the second night as first call where I didn't get one phone call all night. I am not afraid to jinx myself at all because: A-I am not supersitious and B- There is no way that is happening again anyway. So I will brag instead. It was a nice and relaxing day for the most part. Sarah and I even put the kids in club HAL and went to the gym. Good times. I still hate the treadmill though. Tomorrow is the Panama Canal and we arrive depressingly early. 0530 or 0600 with entry shortly after. We of course want to see it, so it will be early to bed tonight. We set the clocks back an hour after setting them forward an hour on the first night. So, I won't know what time it is. All of the crew have fallen in love with Michael and Max. Ayu, one of the cabin steward girls, told Max tomorrow she wanted a kiss. Suddenly Max was shy. Cute. We are figuring things out little by little. About the time we really feel like we are getting it, Sarah and the kids will be heading out. I just hope it means an easier transition on the next cruise. There certainly won't be much time to forget it. This is such an artificial reality they create here. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, just is it a sea day or port day. You don't have to worry about doing dishes or cooking, but you must be very aware of what time it is so you know which uniform to wear. The rules are all there and everybody seems to know the unwritten ones except me. So I am just trying to abide by the written ones and I hope the unwritten ones I am told are correct. It will all wash out in the end. I keep promising pictures and I will deliver eventually. Promise.

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