Wednesday, January 9, 2013


1-5-13 0720am
Sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle to the ship. It has been years since I had the pleasure of engaging in air travel, I can see why I waited so long.
I don't see how anyone gets work done in an airplane unless you are beyond the curtain. There is probably enough room to type in first class, but not in the trenches. I am unhappy with Hilton as their coffee sucks and they charge extra for internet. Hell, most RV parks have free wifi. I am anxious to see what kind of company I will be working for. The meal reimbursement rules are weird. They say they only pay you for dinner if you arrive before 8 pm local time. Also can't wait to get on the ship and start answering some of the questions we have about if and how all of this is going to work.

1-5-13 2115

Made it to the ship. We are underway. Needless to say, it has been a busy day. There is a lot to learn not only about my job here, but the shipboard life and routine. I can't seem to get my hands on a can of coke right now and it is frustrating.

At the hotel, there were hundreds of cruise line employees waiting for the shuttle. I managed to get on one and was tucked way back in the farthest interior seat. As the driver pulled off he asked, "Everyone got their passports?" Uhhh...yeah. In my bag, in the trailer behind us.

When we got to the gate at the port, he told us to get our passports out. Oh shit.

I loudly stated it was in the trailer. The guy in the seat next to me said it was OK, they might not check. Luckily they didn't.

 As we pulled up amidst all of the ships, I could hear Michael's voice in my head, "Whoooaaa, do you see that?"

Once onboard I found out that I was the only brand new person on the ship. All of the other staff had at least been on another ship. So, I got to watch a couple of orientation videos all myself.

I got to the clinic, got assigneed my buddy Mary and started learning how and where. Everything.

I still don't have an ID, still don't have any uniforms, and still barely have a clue. All that being said, it is good to be back on the water. I missed the motion of the ocean.

It is going to be really tight when Sarah and the kids come up. I am currently in a one bed stateroom with a bathroom smaller than the big bathroom on the RV. Oh well, the price of adventure.

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