Wednesday, January 9, 2013


1-6-13 1330

Getting closer to being a real boy! Today I got my ID. Got my uniform request form completed. Got my safety lecture done and my NEOP form finished. That's New Employee Orientation Program for you landlubbers.

I have located the gyms, yes plural, but haven't visited yet. I certainly need to. A large focus of cruising life is food. Pretty good food too. I have had sushi twice, Indian food, asian and a made to order sandwich. Hell, I even had breakfast this morning. And I have only been on the ship around 24 hours. I will need the gym.

One of the important things that I haven't done yet is any nursing. Even though I am technically off today, I am going in for the afternoon clinic so I have a clue tomorrow when I actually will be responsible for something. And I am going to, eventually, get to know the duties of the Lead Medical Officer. So much to do. Oh well, it's not like I was going anywhere.

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