Thursday, January 3, 2013


Last night at home. 

Tomorrow it is off to the airport and a flight to Ft. Lauderdale.  It will be the longest stretch away from my family ever and I am really not looking forward to that part of it.  I have been making the joke that I feel like the dad from an 80s movie about getting your priorities right.  "Sorry son, I would love to see you in the championship baseball game, but I have a really important business meeting right now." 

It is just three weeks. 

So, let the adventure begin. 

There are reams of paperwork for all of this, some of which has even been done.  Thanks of course to Sarah.  She has been the logistical and sanity coordinator for quite some time now and does an unbelievable job with it.  Heck, it might be good for me to leave so she can get a rest from all the crap she does for me. 

I hope that Michelle and the family get along.  I think they will, but you never know. 

Oh well, eventually you just have to jump.  Stop worrying and just jump.

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