Monday, September 10, 2012


Well I spent a large part of the day elbow deep in poop. 

I awoke yesterday morning to Sarah urgently calling out that the flush pedal had fallen off the toilet and the bowl was filling with water.  I managed to get it stopped and after some half assed repair attempts gave it up for the day and went to work. 

This morning I took the toilet out and went through everything.  I also took advantage of the chance and used the hose to spray directly down into the tank to clean it out a bit.  Sarah kept checking on me to see if I had passed out from the fumes.  Nope, I'm an ER nurse.  Stench is part of my work environment. 

Got it fixed, got the new tire picked up and the repair cable for the slide out.  But tomorrow I won't likely be doing that.  Tomorrow, Sarah and I are going kayaking in the ocean.  Her parents are going to watch the kids while go adventure.  It should be cool.  Maybe there will be pictures. 

More tomorrow.

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