Sunday, August 5, 2012


What a day.

Went for another run, it was good.  No pain.

Went for a bike ride too, another good one. 

Sarah's sister Rachel and her husband Chris arrived to spend some time with us, which is excellent.

We took them out to the dunes to check it out and it was fun, except for Chris planting into the sand while running down a dune.  Luckily the sand is soft.  Then we went to Pismo beach to show them around.  There were thousands of birds swarming over the water as we walked out on to the pier.  Then we saw the spouts.  There were dozens of humpback whales in the water driving fish to the shore.  The birds were only too happy to profit from that.  Someone had caught a starfish and left it on the pier.  So Michael and Rachel got to play with it a bit before sending it back to the water.

We went to go eat some burritos, yum.  Then tonight, the Curiosity Rover landed successfully.

What a day.  Good to be alive.

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