Friday, August 3, 2012


Today was Dallas Cowboys Training camp day.  I must say I was a touch disappointed.  First, it rained.  I haven't seen rain in three months.  The Dallas Cowboys website said this was the first day it have ever rained on a training camp practice in Oxnard.  They said it only rains 5-6 times a year there.  Well, today was the day.  Also, the fans in attendance were more than a bit rude.  It appears as though there are a lot of guys there just for autographs, I guess they are selling them.  They get really cranky about space on the fence to watch the practice.  Anyway, we left before practice finished and weren't there for autographs. 

Another note, should I do this again some day I think it might be better if it is just Max and me.  The largest number of our group wasn't particularly interested in the practice it seemed, which makes it harder to justify staying around through the less than interesting parts.  Now, if it were wall to wall action with cool stuff happening all the time, it is easy to argue that you can't leave.  When it is raining, you can't see much and the crowd is rather rude, it is harder to justify staying.  Especially when you have a dog at home that just might pee all over your house.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Football is better on TV.

Someone had a really good time there.

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