Thursday, August 2, 2012


Just a quick post as a follow up to the run.  Yesterday and today had the calves very sore.  In a weird way it was good.  I can't remember ever having them be this sore, no matter the weight of the calf raises.  Seems to me like they weren't kidding when they said I would be working muscles that I hadn't been working before. It feels like the soleus more than the gastrocnemeus.  Also feels like maybe the tibialis posterior.

So, I am still deliberating on a run today.  And/or maybe a bike ride.  Sarah is out riding right now, which is good.  The sea air has been hell on the bikes and I think we may lose hers.  Oh well, they were Craigslist castoffs anyway.  Still would like to keep mine, I like it. 

Headed down to Oxnard tomorrow to see Cowboys Training Camp.  I'm a little excited.  It should be really neat.

I won the AFO challenge this month.  I was hoping for a better turnout.  I hope that it was just a busy month for everybody and that this time around there will be more time for participation.  I set the challenge with a bit shorter word limit in the hopes that would give people time to write, but I know it can be just as hard if not harder to fit the same story into a smaller space.  We will see. 

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