Monday, April 4, 2011


We planned on going to Craters of the Moon and we did. On the way we saw a sign for Shoshone Falls and thought if might sound interesting. Maybe we will stop on our way back through. Kept going, got to Craters and found it mostly closed. Still had fun playing in the snow. Debated for a while about going home a different route. Decided to go back the way we came. Might be quicker.

Got to the turn where we could either go home or go see the falls. The dog had been in the trailer alone for 8 hours. Decided to go ahead and drive through. Waterfalls are usually cool. Then we get to this bridge, Perrine Bridge spanning an incredible canyon. Got out and explored for a bit then headed out to the falls. It was awesome. How many times did we have the opportunity to make a decision that would have kept us from seeing this place? Yet we found it. These happy little accidents are when we usually find the coolest places. Twin Falls Idaho gets a big thumbs up. I hope we can return here again and take more time to explore.

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