Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost there.

There must be rules. And when you make the rules it is usually a good idea to follow. them. We bought a map outline and placed it on the side of the RV. It comes with stickers you can use to fill in the outline. There are rules for when you can get a sticker. The RV must be in the state, we can't just go and stay the night in a hotel. The entire family must be there, I can't get the sticker if I go on ahead. It must be an overnight stay, no drive through. We were driving along the Columbia River Gorge (amazing BTW) on the Oregon side and decided to press on instead of stopping in Stanfield OR as originally planned. The whole time driving we could look over the river and see Washington. Just after the John Day dam we saw a bridge with an RV park beside it. So we crossed the bridge into Washington and stopped. Since I will be working in Washington and we will be exploring the state pretty extensively I figured we had to get the sticker. We also got to go visit a Stonehenge replica while we were at it. Today, on to our final destination.

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