Thursday, April 7, 2011

Columbia River gorge

Sarah suggested a word that I had been thinking about the scenery driving up the gorge. Majestic. I also thought jaw-dropping, amazing, fantastic, awe-inspiring, I even thought gob smacking. The problem is you can't convey in words how incredibly beautiful this area is. Driving along a 600 foot mossy cliff face with a waterfall cascading down the side through the misty low lying cloud partially obscuring the top. It is like driving down a movie set for Lord of the Rings or King Kong.

This is the type of landscape that speaks to a deeper part of you. I plan on revisiting and exploring it more in depth over the coming months. There is just so much to see and do here. IT is very exciting. Mt. St. Helens, Rainier, Hood. Multnomah falls, the Pacific Ocean. I am hoping to attend a class and book signing by Rory Miller. Somewhere in there I also have to work. Quite a bit too after the fuel bill to get up here.

Still, this is a bucket list type experience I think. Worth it.


  1. You've gotta be close, Egad. Let me know when you're here. You haven't seen the best yet.

  2. We are staying in Fairview OR tonight and will move for at least one month to just outside Battleground WA. I am still hoping to attend your class on the 23rd.