Friday, December 30, 2016

For that one guy.

I wasn't going to do a blog post today.  I feel like utter crap. 


There was one guy on the Duramax Forums who wanted to know more about the valve adjustment because he was going through the same thing.  I hate for him to go uninformed.

So, we get a post. 

I woke up today and felt like crap.  But, the weather is going to take a turn for the frigid soon and that makes work suck too.  So either way.

I went down to the garage today armed with some papers. 

This link explains it better than I possibly could right now. It is what I used coupled with a list of torque values I found on The Diesel Place forums

To work.

Rotated the engine using a 12 pt, 36 mm socket until TDC for cylinder one

Checked the clearance with the .012 feeler gauge. Adjusted as needed

The valves that can be checked at the same time, color coordinated.
 It took a couple of hours. That included cycling the engine by hand a few times and rechecking clearances. I will probably do that again before I put the valve covers back on just to be sure. 

There was still daylight, so I kept going. I put in the glow plugs and thought about injectors, but decided the exhaust manifold needed to go on first.

New exhaust manifold gaskets on top of expectant injectors

Old glow plugs back in place.

Tissues for my face.

Snotty rags and oily rags. 
 The exhaust manifold defeated me for the day.  I couldn't get the top back bolt past the gasket and threaded.  There is a nut that I needed to adjust to get the head in place and again to line up the manifold.  I got literally every nut in pace, except the top back one.  In frustration, I went to the driver's side, which was worse.

When the kids came in to see if I was alright, I should have quit. 

I didn't. 

When the snot was dripping down my face because I was using both hands, I was shaking and cramping, then I quit.

I'll deal with the cold weather.

Evil adjustment nut in question

Stinky, stinking exhaust manifold gasket.

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