Sunday, September 11, 2016

Here we go again.

A quick update of progress and then on to today's rant. (Edit: the rant had to wait.  It needs it's own post.)

We have a sliding glass door! 

Papa was on hand for supervisory purposes.

Yep, it's a door opening.

Flashing tape, caulk, house wrap integrated into the opening.

That is a happy face.

Tada!  With the ubiquitous ladder.

All the windows are in. Time to put up furring strips.

Work in progress.

Our house has stripes.

There is still the one section of blue siding left, but only one.

Then it was time to pull off the last section of siding. This was the only part of the whole house where OSB sheathing was used. Still no house wrap or flashing, but sheathing. It must be in better condition than the rest, right?

Yeah, no.

So far, no good.

This picture encapsulates my rant. Note where the worst of the rot is.  Notice the gutter above it?

It wasn't any better under the OSB.

Got most of the OSB of

Yeah, I'll be replacing some studs.

I had to remove the porch to get at the rot under the door.
Strapped for time today. Lots more work is done. I just wanted to update a little while I had the chance.

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