Friday, July 8, 2016

Today's horror show.

Too rainy and not enough time before work to start working on the siding and rim joist problems outside.  So, we went looking for an inside project. We could keep demolishing the kitchen, but it is kind of the path to the rest of the house. Maybe something a little further back. 

You know, the rot in the wall of the bathroom indicates there was a leak.  Maybe I should pull up the linoleum and see what the floor looks like under there.

I saw this and called Sarah.

Sarah saw this and emitted a sound only understandable by a cocker spaniel on the eastern seaboard

There might have been a leak.

It might have started here by the toilet.

Believe it or not, this is the bolt that holds the toilet to the floor. 

So yeah, that was the project today. Of course it was OSB over old linoleum again.  Of course there were nail holes every six inches throughout. Of course I will have to pull out the shower and toilet and replace all the sub floor. 

A couple hours later and it looked a little better.

Marginally less of a health hazard.
 It is supposed to be rainy tomorrow and I'm off.  I bet I know what I'm doing.

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