Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another awesome Craigslist find and a survey of damage

Sarah finds deals.

She found this great deal on some appliances about two hours away from us, but they said someone was coming by to pick it up. She told them to contact us if the deal fell through and it did. 

We drove all the way through Seattle and picked them up. The long drive caused the kids to miss their first jiu jitsu class, but it couldn't be helped.

Our new appliances. So, Vanna, show them what they won.

A new (to us) deluxe refrigerator!

A new (to us) smooth range top and stove.

This awesome dishwasher.

And this AMAZING microwave that looks like a pain in the butt to mount.
And how much did we have to pay?

$400.  For all of it.  Thank you Craigslist.

You know, with all this crawling under the house and moving appliances, I came to a realization.

I'm old.

Yikes.  Right?  I'm sore from stuff that never would have made me sore before.

Oh well.

I went and tore out some interior stuff to survey where I could find damage.  I found some.


The old dishwasher sprang a leak at some point.

We pulled up the linoleum only to find 1/4 inch OSB laid down over more linoleum.

Cleans up nice.  Except for all the nail holes leading down into the particle board.

Our new appliances could never live in such squalor.  REPLACE IT ALL!
That's just the kitchen.

There is also

The kid's bathroom.

That can't be healthy, for anyone. I have plans for this here.

I punched a hole in the wall to check and see if there was rot in the studs in the back corner.

Yeah!  Good wood, no rot! Now I just have another hole in the wall to fix. 
There is much more damage to find and probably to be inflicted. We haven't even started in on the ceilings yet. Plenty to stay busy.

The family that demolishes their home together, stays together.


  1. Why didn't anyone warn me before I had children that I would be forced to be fake-brave with spiders?! :)

    1. The rules are the same for Mommies, but sometimes they have to fake-brave about different things.