Sunday, July 24, 2016


Not many pictures today.

Got a lot of work done though.  The back of the house is starting to look like it could be habitable some day.

Awesome, right.

Some more tomorrow and one more day of Andy. Then, back to being a do-it-yourself guy.

Oh yeah, and back to work in the hospital. Gotta pay for all of this somehow. 

A few pictures and then I'm taking the rest of the night off. Well, I probably should edit the book a bit before I go to bed. And, I still have to do the dishes but, at least after eleven tonight, I'm taking the rest of the night off.

Coming together nicely

A little detail on the joist fix.

Dang, this could be a home.

And then we went around the corner.
Well, Sarah did half of the dishes.  It takes teamwork.

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