Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's non adventure.

We started out with the best of plans, really.  It was going to be an adventure.

Just never really happened.  Heck, we were going to go to another country.  We were going to go to Canada, eh.

And we did.  Then we ate a sandwich and came home.  No real adventure.  Turned out we were all hungry and there was no real plan to go anywhere so we just kind of wandered around.  Then we went home.

Oh well.

On the way home we stopped at a park so the kids could play.  I had the good camera, so I took some pictures.  Hope you like them.  They will have to do in lieu of a story of another thrilling and scenic adventure.

I can't believe some people call these weeds.

I call them pretty yellow wildflowers.
Michael can zipped through the monkey bars so many times his hands blistered

Maxie, chillaxin, again.  He seems to do that in pictures.

Michael stuck the landing.
Daddy wandered off to take pictures of flowers

I like the dark clouds in the background.
There is one in every family.

Look mom, no hands.

Yeah, people spray chemicals to kill dandelions.  Shame.
Shaky little thing

Kids kept shaking her off.

Michael kept spinning himself.
Get your butt up there!

So, for a non adventure day, it turned out pretty well.

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