Saturday, April 4, 2015

The mountains finally came out

It has been so rainy around here lately (who knew the Pacific Northwest was so rainy?*).  There haven't been many good views of the surrounding mountains.  They came out to play a little bit today while I was on a run and I had to get a picture or two.  I got home and cooled down.  That led to just before sunset and we all know that is a good time for pictures.  Just in case the mountains were out, I went and got the good camera. 

All of these were taken within a mile or so of the RV park, just around the neighborhood.

Strawberry field in foreground and raspberries in back

Mt. Baker to the left and the Twins to the right over Wiser Lake

Closer look at Mt. Baker
And closer...I brought the zoom!

The North Twin and South Twin looming behind the houses

We think this might be Mt. Garibaldi in Canada. Looks like an old volcano that blew its top.

Orange alpenglow as the sun sets on Mt. Baker

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  1. I remember Baker standing proud on all our ferry rides near Seattle. Such a cool mountain.