Saturday, February 21, 2015

mycol:more than just scenery

So Dad got his turn. Now I get mine. There was more than just scenery. (Although there was plenty of it). So many creatures and lots of other stuff. All in all though mostly sea anemones. There also was this little red crab guy....

who is this mysterious.... whatever he is

and his personal palm tree

 That's what Dad and Max were doing. His name is "Jack". An alien species named "Jack". How odd......
whats in there.....

OH NO HELP!!!!!!!
So me and Mom were looking at tide pools and found this guy.
sun star
He was fun. and fast. like for a starfish ludicrus speed. Wait is that a boat? Somebody is hailing something
get me out of here
Yes he is lost. Meanwhile we had an observation period of well him.

what is down here stuff? treasure? jewels? i hope it's stuff

nope no escape route except that one waaaay over there

must get there. ugh.

high up in the air our hero.......


this shall not end well

glad i did push ups


aaa blub blub blub
But he survived.
is this desert gonna kill me? probably

okay not a desert
 Finally we were leaving the tide pools. But before this was this.
thor's well's greeting

my Dad is not too bad a photographer

swirly evil magical mists
That's what we did. Also this would be a good post to show to your kids. I'm planning to get a line of posts for kids. Some for younger ones some for older ones like myself.


  1. Great blog post, Michael. I enjoyed following the adventure of your brave alien explorer. I'm glad he made it out of there OK. I can't wait to see his next adventure.

  2. Simon says, "I thought this was going to be a video but this was way better! I really liked it!"

    Eli says, "Awesome job Michael. I really loved it and I hope we see you soon. Post more!"