Monday, February 23, 2015


So, we are here.  We landed in our chosen RV park and got set up.  But we didn't unhook the truck just yet.  This RV park is pretty, but there were a couple of concerns.  First, the people who greeted us were a little too helpful with backing up and parking and such.  The guy kept calling me son.  It had the feeling of park management being a little too involved.  Second, the wifi was essentially unusable.  Add to that, our phones didn't really work in the park at all and were only somewhat functional around town.  Turns out this is a Verizon town.  And it is small enough that no one seems to be fighting them for the territory. 

About that.

When I imagine the west coast of Washington and the gateway to the Olympic mountains, I imagine green, active and artistic, if somewhat sodden.  That is not what I found.  The town looks more like a small scale Detroit than a Seattle.  The impression I get is that this town was built on an industry that has left.  Instead of re-inventing itself, this place appears to be waiting for the good old days to return.  There are a disturbing number of abandoned and condemned places.

So much for first impressions. 

We went to bed on the first night remembering that we hadn't signed any long term deals with anyone for anything and could just as easily pull up stakes and head out of town if we wanted.  However, we also remembered that we often felt that way when we arrived in a new town.  Eventually, we usually settle in and find some really cool stuff.  So we went to bed and slept on it.  Satchel woke me up the next morning and I took him out to go potty.  The RV park is right next to the Hoquiam river.  I went outside to this scene.

See, there is some really cool stuff around here.  If you look, there are glimpses of what this place could be. 

Then we drove around for a bit, looked at my new job location and headed out to Westport, right on the ocean.  We found lots of cool stuff out there. 

Those are the Olympics in the distance.

Sarah's in a happy place.
 Then we drove home and I think some laundry was involved.  The day ended with this.
So, I know most February days aren't like this here.  I know there will be crappy days and good days and everything in between.  But right now I feel a lot better about coming here.  We got cable internet, so I can continue our little chats.  Man, you wouldn't believe how fast those pictures uploaded, awesome.  We can use our phones with wifi calling when we are home.  And, we haven't heard a peep out of the management here.  So far, so good.  I now take it upon myself to try to see the best of what is here and maybe help others see it as well.  I want to find the Clean, Green, Aberdeen. 

Tomorrow, I think we do some more exploring. 


  1. We went out there on our WA assignment. Crazy town, very different feel. But I'm sure you'll find your pace.

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