Monday, August 4, 2014

Return to Seattle, again.

So today we got back on the ferry for Seattle.  You know, I'm not much for cities, but if you have to go to one, you could do way worse than Seattle.  Of course, we start in Bremerton, so let's get on with the ferry ride.

Must spend some time cavorting about the sculptures at the Bremerton Ferry landing.

We miss you Nana!

Cute flowers, almost match her shirt.  But there is a bee in there.

Stylish, sophisticated. Stay away from the sailors.

The ferry ride was uneventful.  Deanna didn't want to go outside because the wind made it too cold.  So we sat inside and watched the world go by.

When we got to Seattle, we had to go to this one shop Michael had found in a book one of my co-workers lent to us.

Ye Olde Wooden Sign


I'll be in your dreams!

Cool steampunk like skull.  Deanna loved it but it was a little spendy.

Curiosities and trinkets!
In addition to the nightmare mermaid above, and yes, that is supposed to be a mermaid, they had some mummified remains and shrunken heads.  Pretty bizarre.

Sufferin succotash!

Looks pretty good for an old guy. 

Sleep tight! 

Always reminded of Beetlejuice.
Sarah had to check out the mummy

Michael decided that was totally weird.

Gorgeous day.

Of course we ended back up at the Pike's Place Market.

Where we found something that would have been right at home in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
We stopped and had a bite to eat.  While sitting around, we saw this guy.  I peeked over his shoulder. Pretty nice work too.  He got my hair just right.

He was even doing caricatures

Add caption

Trying to find a way to take the picture without the crowd. 

Neat sculpture.
Couldn't do a long exposure...had to settle for a lens flare.
Better than the alternative I would venture.
Of course, on the way out, we had to go by the gum wall.

What the heck is that?

Questioning that whole Sanitary Public Market thing.

Yeah, that's gross. 
We had a lovely day about town.  We hopped the ferry back to Bremerton and called it a day.  Too soon our visit with Deanna will be over. 


Picture of random stuff. 

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