Sunday, August 3, 2014

Murhut Falls III

Our young visitor Deanna is a flatlander.  She is from Houston and you know, there just aren't many waterfalls there.  In fact, I heard that she had never even seen a real life waterfall.  You know there is no way we could let that stand.  So we decided to head back to the waterfall I have now photographed more than any other waterfall: Murhut Falls. 

It's a relatively easy hike to the falls and affords some climbing and monkeying around the water.  So we set out to see it again.  We were a little later this time than the others.  Still pretty cool.

She called them little finger caps

I suggested thimbleberry, but was rejected.

Kids on the trail, where we like them.

City girl out in the wild.

Still the cute Deanna girl.
It doesn't take too long getting to the falls.  Before long we were there, lucky too as light was fading fast in this steep sided valley. 

Another picture.  Lucky its pretty.

And prettier.  See, she was here!

Of course the boys quickly scampered down.
They made Deanna scamper...uh, proceed down.

And down, to the little bowl waterfall below the main falls.

See, she became a Washington girl.

Michael in the background looking buff.
Awww, c'mon dad.  Why haven't you done any long exposure shots yet?

OK, kids...just for you.

Seeking out new angles.

And taking long exposure shots of them.

Each time we have been here I have seen this piece of wood.

Deanna and Michael decided it was a boat.

Finally it met its destiny. 
Then it was a quick hike back up to the main falls and back to the car.  We didn't have as much time to goof off like we sometimes do.  Tomorrow we are off to Seattle. 

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