Friday, September 27, 2013

Vega Texas.

Back on the road again. 

Santa Fe to Vega Texas.  After talking with Sarah about it and discussing, I decided that Roosters is my favorite restaurant on I-40.  Now, I haven't completely finished driving I-40, but I have done quite a bit.  I'll almost have all of it this trip too. 

So again, if you are driving through the Texas panhandle, stop in Vega and get the fajitas at Roosters.  Worth the wait. 

Another good feature is that they are right across from the RV park. Close enough to walk. 

As we walked home Sarah said this was the first time we had walked to a restaurant since Utah.


When were we in Utah? 

Oh yeah.  On the way back to OKC from San Diego.  It took me a minute.  That's what this traveling will do to you. 

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