Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bye Santa Fe!

It has been a wonderful stay here.  The RV park, Santa Fe Skies, has been tremendous.  They were even so kind as to alert us to the skies which were otherworldly at times. 

I have taken a ton of photographs, one or two even came out well.  I ran a half marathon over a mile above sea level.  Sarah and I climbed the highest mountain in New Mexico.  Sarah has been taking hot yoga classes.  We have been to the largest volcanic caldera in North America.  We watched the oldest pagan festival in the country.  We drove around the area where they made the first atomic bomb. 

Wow, what a contract. 

I was thinking last night as I was leaving the hospital for the last time.  I don't know how staff nurses do it.  Every three months I get this sense of accomplishment.  I completed another one.  To a staff nurse, it is just another three months.  Nothing to get excited about. 

I will miss some of my new friends.  I have to take a moment here to specially mention Russell Thornton, Sarah's cousin, who has been awesome and fun to hang out with.  It is great to have a celebrity chef as your tour guide through the culinary delights of a town known for its food.  Thanks Russ.  You were awesome. 

As for the cool people at work, there were too many to name without inevitably forgetting one and pissing them off so I will just say the staff at the ER here is great.  Now if they could just get some equipment. 

Washed and waxed the vehicles today.  Got routine maintainance done.  Ready to roll again.  For a couple of weeks I get to put down the burden and mantle of ER nurse and pick up the title of amateur truck driver.

Let's hit the road.

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