Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to work

I will admit that I was nervous about going back to work.  I hadn't worked a 12 in an ER in six months and wasn't sure how I would respond.  Turns out that I can still work in an ER.  I can still deal with psych patients and angry drunks and do all the other things that are required.  Yaayyy!

I went out and ran today too.  First time in a while and at an elevation (approximately) of 7500 feet.  That will grey out the eyes on the long uphill stretches if you aren't used to it.  And the humidity is really low.  Not used to that at all.  I only made 2 miles, but I feel good about them.  Slow as they were.

We found the coolest pet store I think I have ever been in.  It is called Jurrasic Pets.  They have branches hanging from the ceiling with chameleons, boas and birds on them.  Holding the animals is encouraged unless they are dangerous, like some of their scorpions and spiders.  Heck, they had a frilled lizard, a Mississippi alligator and pirhana for sale. Pretty awesome for a neighborhood pet store. 

Tonight, around sunset-ish, we went out and I took some pictures. A storm was clearing so the light was really nice.  I managed to snap one or two I was happy with.  Including a rainbow with a treasure at the end.


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