Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sorry no updates lately.  Max has been a bit under the weather lately and that has resulted in more cabin time and, somewhat ironically, less sleep time.  A couple of days ago he spiked a 104.5 temp and we have been battling it since.  Michael seems as yet unaffected. 

So, that's the story. 

Uhh...I guess that's all for now.  Unless you want to hear about our trip to Whole Foods in Seattle. 

Nope?  That's OK, it was kind of boring.  Maybe our breakfast at Subway? 

Still no, eh?  I can't say I blame you. 

There was a Petco next door.  Cute little fuzzy things. Scaly things too. 

OK then, maybe next time.


  1. WHAT? You, of all people, went to Whole Paycheck for groceries??? I'm shocked. :)

  2. In my defense...

    It was visible from the ship, I had a 4 year old with a fever. We wouldn't have even left the ship, but it was turnaround day with in-transit passengers.

    I wanted TraderJoes. sigh.