Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yup.  I don't actually know the date.  It seems less important and I could easily look it up if needed.  It is nice.  This is my vacation.

We play the waiting game now.  Awaiting the start of the real adventure.

I was thinking today about the benefits of travel.  I think perspective is right there at the top.  It is easy to begin to believe that only the things that are important to you are important.  Especially when your sphere of interaction is small.  When all you know is your neighborhood, that big house on the end of the block is a mansion.

I grew up largely in Oklahoma.  The only mountains I could ever remember were the 'Arbuckle mountains'.  There is a reason I put that in quotes.  They are former mountains that I now know barely qualify as mountains.  I believe a 1000 foot elevation rise is required.  It doesn't count as a mountain when you have seen MT. Hood.

And your own problems can seem small when you get a glimpse of the troubles of the rest of the world.

Everyone needs to get out more.  If you can.

A few thoughts while we wait.

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