Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I am glad that certain of my friends can't see me right now.  Being convinced I was a zombie, they would certainly insert large quantities of lead into my brain.

On a side note, my my kids are the stuff of legend.  They didn't have one breakdown.

I had a day of ups and downs.  Waking up to a beautiful morning sky over the Gulf, up.

On the road before 9am, up.

Spotting a large helicopter by the side of the road and stumbling upon the Air Force Armament Museum, way up. There were many cool aircraft on display. As we drove past I saw a SR-71 Blackbird parked out front and yet I somehow still managed to avoid leaving a skid mark as I changed course. For those that don't know, I spent a large chunk of my childhood obsessing over that particular plane. To stand there with one was borderline bucket list. Very cool. A down was finding out I broke my Kindle yesterday. I had put it into my back pocket while carrying luggage up to the room and heard it snap when I bent over to pick up a fallen bag. No external damage, but when I tried to use it today, the display was hosed. Another up was finishing I-10. We decided on a last minute course change that took us to Jacksonville where I-10 turns into I-95. That means that I have now traveled the entire length of I-10, coast to coast. The final down to report tonight is the apparent death of my keyboard for the touchpad. I am typing this on the touchpad touchscreen. It keeps screwing up on me and my patience is flagging after the long drive. More later. Perhaps even some pictures.

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