Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm washing dishes and Michael is in his room quizzing me about animals.  He has found some sheet from one of his books with trivia questions about various animals.

Earlier in the day I had told him I was going to get him a book or magazine and he would have to read it and then he could either take a test I made or write something about what he had learned.  While he was asking me these questions, I had an idea.

When he was done I suggested, "Maybe when I have you read those books I was talking about, instead of taking a test, you could write one for me."

"Yeah," he replied, "That would be kind of fun."

"Fun and learning together?  That's just gross."  I say.

There is a pause before he replies.

"You have a strange sense of humor."

My kids. 

And a few of the pictures mentioned yesterday.

The kids found these leaves and decided they made great hats.  Satchel is unimpressed.

Just what every parent dreams about.  A tiger hungrily eyeing your kid.  

Michael is checking out the penguin chicks.

Max is checking out some other chicks.

Michael took this picture of Mommy and Max.  Nice shot kid.

Then he discovered the game of pretending to be smashed against the windshield.  

The truck looked to be a big hit. 

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