Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Been too long without posting.  I know.  Not enough writing of any sort going on right now. 

Too much driving and too much work.  Can't be helped. 

We drove down to Houston...again. It was good visiting though.  We did the Christmas at the B&B ranch.  Then we left the kids with the Grandparents until they came back today.  Got some things done around the house and got to experience cold again. Not brutal cold, but below freezing.  Time to get used to that again.

Talked to Michelle and the RV at her place isn't quite as slam dunk as we had hoped.  I am going to drive up there on Monday and see if we can do a workable something just to get us in there.  If not, then it is a scramble for a contingency plan.  We are nothing if not adaptable. 

The Bumfuzzle crew and a friend wrote a book on investing and how they finance their adventure lives.  I bought it yesterday and am reading it as fast as time allows.  If I can find a way to unhook from the wage slave game, I'm in.  You can check it all out at:  http://liveonthemargin.com/

I wish them the best of luck and hope their book benefits me and many others. 

I had the camera with us the whole time, but didn't take any pictures.  Shame on me.

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