Saturday, October 20, 2012


Home alone today.  Seems like I already posted that. 

Sarah and the kids are in Houston visiting and I am in Tyler working for a few days.  Gotta pay for these trips. 

Two reasons for the ever-so-rare workday blog post.  First I want to put up a reminder.  Every once in a while Michael or Max come up with the awesome kid names for things.  They have this little tiny plastic dinosaur toy with one horn and called is Rhino Dino.  (Rhino Deeno). 

Well, Michael has come up with something new.  You know those tall freeway interchanges you get in large urban areas with multiple layers of bridges overlapping?  Michael has decided to call those Mazy Highs.  Ma zee Highs.  Because they twist and turn in and out like a maze and they are made up of highways.  Also, they go really high.  I love that kid. 

The second reason is to extend my condolences to someone dear to me who lost a beloved family member recently.  I'm sorry about Dexter, Julia.  I will call you soon. 

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