Sunday, October 14, 2012


New town, new crud. 

Perhaps I am laboring under some selection bias or maybe I'm just cranky.  We moved to a new town and promptly all caught a cold.  It seems like we do this every time.  The glamorous travel lifestyle. 

Worked three days then off yesterday and today.  Luckily I am sick on my time off and not work days.  When you are a contract employee, you don't get sick days. 

Not really happy to be back in TX.  I am reminded that there was a reason we started traveling from here.  It is almost like we wanted to get away.  Now, if you are from Texas, just don't get all freaked out and defensive on me.  I'm sure, to some, this is paradise on Earth.  I, however, don't fit in here.  Not culturally, not physically, not at all.  Having lived in this part of the world for the better part of my life I can certainly fake it.  Life just isn't as fun if you have to fake it though.  Amiright ladies? Oh god, the cold is taking over.  My family read these, I really shouldn't make these kind of jokes.

Rained again last night, hard.  It seems I have fixed the worst of the leaks, with still just a little one that needs attending to.  As I type this, the chainsaws are  fired up outside and Steve, the campground owner and his daughter are cleaning up the last of the tree trunk sections cut down the other day.  So far the brightest spot about Tyler is this campground.  Steve and his family are great.  They are very friendly and helpful.  I even like their dog.  He has worked hard to make a good campground and I have a feeling he will work harder still.  I hope that he is wildly successful here, he deserves it. 

So, if you are ever in Tyler in your RV and you need a place to stay, Glory Days RV park is it. 

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