Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Didn't run today.  Didn't get anything done around the house really.

Washed the dog though.  Had to.  We ended up at the beach and he was filthy. 

Sarah had seen news reports of whales at Avila Beach abnormally close to shore so we went for some fish tacos and a look.  Yep.  Great big ol' humpback whales about 200 yards off shore in a field of boat moorings.  Pretty cool.  The fish tacos weren't bad either.  It was something of a more relaxing day.  I could use it after the past few days at work.  ER nurse can be a trying job sometimes.  Don't let anyone tell you it is easy.

Then we came home and had a good night.  Tomorrow evening, Sarah's parents arrive.  Thus begins the whirlwind.  It is good and I am looking forward to seeing them.  It just gets busy when guests arrive. 

I'm thinking of adding a photography section to the Adventure Nickel site. That would give me a writing area and a photography area.  Add in some music and I can say I have covered the arts and will have to move on to the sciences. 

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