Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Success.  Of a sort.

Today I woke up and felt even worse than yesterday.  Tough Mudder I thought.  The event doesn't care how I feel today.  Nope, not one little bit.  So I strapped on the shoes and took off running.  Yesterday we passed by a park where the Sarah and the kids went to play one day while I was at work.  I noted it and discovered it was a little over two miles from the house.  Hmmmm.

So that was today's goal.  Run to the park, exercise there and run home.  And I did it.  Ran to the park and there I did three rotations of 20 push ups, 5 pull ups and one minute planks.  Yaaayyyy.  Felt like crap, but did it.  I figure I need to train to the event and the mudder is running interspersed with exercise to that should be good training.  I need to do it more.  Satchel seemed to appreciate the rest while at the park too. 

Then home for lunch and more errands.  After dinner we went to play in the dunes.  It was too windy to do much, 30 mph with gusts to 50, but we played.  Now we may just sit down to a guilty pleasure of some TV and alcohol. 

I am thinking I might add a training portion to the website, but most of my internet presence is on hold til we get a new computer which is on hold til after we get IRV back from the shop.  Sigh.  So much to do. 

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