Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucky day

Today was one of those simple pleasure days. I woke up early and went in to work. It was so slow in the ER that they started looking for someone to send home. AS a traveler I think it is best to let one of the staff go home so I didn't say anything. Eventually they cycled through everyone that they could send home and no one wanted to go so they were going to send her home even though she didn't want to go. So I stepped in. Not only did I get to go home, I got to help out a fellow nurse. To make it even better, I already am scheduled into overtime for the week and won't miss anything from a normal check. Sometimes it works out that way. Still working on the Adventure Nickel site. I am hoping to open it up for public view and critique some time this week. I am very open to honest, helpful criticism. Please do. I am off to enjoy the rest of my free night. Enjoy yours.

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