Monday, February 6, 2012


Interesting day at work today. There was a mass casualty incident. One of the local chicken processors had an ammonia leak and we suddenly got 15 patients coming in with inhalation exposure. Pretty cool to see the hospital disaster plan go into effect. Lots of people show up from home, other floors, other departments. Everyone is eager to help, to be a part of the action. It grew crazy busy for a few hours and then it was playing catch-up for the rest of the day. I managed to get pretty well caught up and get out on time. Just as I was walking out EMS was walking in with a CPR in progress going into a room I had just given to the oncoming nurse. Perfect timing.

Then home, where the sweetness and wonderful can be sublime in its simplicity. Max was using a floss pick to clean his teeth before bed. These things are shaped like animals with the floss strung between to arms, or a beak or something. Max was flossing when he told me he needed a little help. Before handing me the pick, he tells me, "But, it's got some slobber right there. You watch out for that."

And getting hugs from them both is so awesome. Max gives these hugs where he clings on so tight he is almost like an appendage. Micheal still wants to snuggle too. He gets so tired he is almost falling down and then just wants to lay in your lap while you read him a book. Life is good.

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