Saturday, February 11, 2012


Coldest stretch we have done so far.

Last night it got down into the low teens and/or high single digits and tonight it is supposed to get down into the low singles with snow/sleet/freezing rain expected for Monday A.K.A. my next day at work. YAAAAAYYYYY!

We lost the water last night as the Y I had on the park spigot froze over and I couldn't get the hose directly onto the park water without it leaking. So we turned on the water pump and had a bit over 30 gallons in the tanks. Today I pulled the Y off and hooked directly up and couldn't get the hose to not leak. Sarah took a shower and I pumped 60 gallons into the tank. Then, I hooked up the pressure regulator and the hose and managed to get the leaky hose down to a slow intermittent drip. We have water onboard in case of another loss. The heated hose seems to be working with the exception of the crappy fitting at the end. I will have to find a better hose if we are to use it again. I suppose. Well, if it isn't cold, I won't think about it and if I don't think about it there is a chance it won't get done. So we may yet struggle through this same problem again later. sigh.

Michael has been doing experiments, a bit prompted and fully supported by us of course, about what freezes and doesn't. Last night he left out plastic cups filled with water, antifreeze, and 1/2 water 1/2 antifreeze. He couldn't wait to get out and see the results this morning. We even got him the antifreeze tester to check how cold each is supposed to be good for. Tonight we mixed up some salt water to see how it will do.

Sarah and I both managed to get in a run and a workout today despite the 30 degree temperatures. That cold air sure burns the already burning lungs. I was so concentrated on not dying that I almost stepped on a raccoon. Missed it by about six inches. Satchel never saw it either though. I snuck back and took some pictures after the workout. I have a sinking suspicion that it will still be in the same place tomorrow. Another sigh.

And on a lighter note, I finally bit the bullet and registered the domain name I also signed up for domain hosting and I hope to be moving the whole show over to a real website. The production values will be amateurish and poorly done, but it will be mine. Hopefully it will evolve into a better site and more traffic and so on. Time will tell.

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