Monday, January 23, 2012


Got the step ladder rigged back up to the ladder on the back of Irv. Rigged for travel. Air pressure checked in all the tires. Getting ready for more travel. The route is not difficult, but isn't very heavily populated. That means few RV parks along the way to choose from.

I got the cold weather hose rigged partially today. Stupid kit from Amazon. It comes with heat tape for a 25 foot hose and fiberglass insulation for a 17 foot hose and plastic wrap for a 50 foot hose. Great. Tomorrow I go to home depot and get something better. Gotta keep the hose from freezing. Hopefully it will work.

Max found a dime I left on the computer desk, picked it up and appropriated it for himself today. Then, after holding on to it for a while, he handed it to me and told me, "Here... Take this and go get something you want."

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