Thursday, January 19, 2012


Got more stuff done today. Missed Sarah and the kids more too. Was whiling away the hours goofing off on the internet this evening when I heard what sounded like Satchel eating his food. But Satchel was sitting right behind me.

Every morning we find Satchel's water dish filled with mud. We knew from tracks and the occasional glimpse that it was a raccoon washing his food in Satchel's water dish. Water can be hard to find here in the desert. Tonight I managed to sneak the door open a little and watch what turned out to be two raccoons eating the dinner that Satchel left behind. I snuck back and grabbed my cell phone because Sarah has the good camera. I would have loved to have had the good camera. It didn't take long for the little guys to notice me. They seemed not to mind as long as I moved slowly and didn't come out too far. Satchel was a vibrating bundle of nerves right behind me, but to his credit, didn't move after I told him to sit.

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