Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Not a tremendous amount to report these days, thus the sparsity of posts. We have spent time traveling to see family. There isn't much scenic family friendly adventure here in Del Rio. There are some cave paintings nearby which we want to see, but have not yet been able. We were thwarted in our one attempt so far.

We bought a tent and have our eyes on some nice sleeping bags for future camping purposes. That was Sarah and my Christmas presents to each other.

We are headed back to Houston, for the third time, this weekend to see family yet again and to exchange presents.

Michael stayed in Houston this time and this means five days away from all of us, we miss him. It has been nice to have Max time though. He is such a cute kid and thrives under the direct undiluted attention.

Sarah and I went running today of all things. 7 minutes. I am trying a time rather than a distance goal. We toyed with the idea of setting a goal to run a marathon in a year. We will see how that goes.

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