Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Just an all too infrequent check in. We are settled into the park here in Del Rio. It is an old mobile home park converted to an RV park. The work to get into the site and get set up was more than we are used to, but I think it was worth it. We have a fenced in yard in a lot that was sized for a double wide trailer. Livin' high on that hog!

The hospital is small, very small. It is quite an adjustment and I am not looking forward to the inevitable adjustment going back to a bigger ER. Today I went three hours at a stretch without a patient. None.

Tomorrow we head out for Houston to see doctors and dentists and mechanics, oh my! It will be very good to see the family as we miss them very much. I am even going to try to step into my Kaju class again for a night.

Michael is taken over by the materialistic spirit of Christmas. Took one Target catalog. Max is busy testing every boundary there is and finding new ones all the time. He is also attempting to use crying and whining to achieve his ends. Need to get that nipped. Life progresses and we are still exploring it. There is a somewhat historic canyon here we want to explore. There are some fish in the lake I want to amuse. I say Judge Roy Bean's grave the other day. All good in the adventure life.

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