Sunday, August 28, 2016

Work goes on apace.

We made the turn around the corner and started working on the door-side of the house.

Speaking of doors.  Anybody want to guess what is wrong with ours? Sorry for the poor pictures. I'll give you two.  The first one doesn't show it well, but the second one does. Try your hand at the first one and then move on.

Construction quiz!

What important element is this house missing?

Hint. I made one for the sliding glass door opening.

See it now?  Yeah, missing a header.
Apparently it isn't a load bearing area of the wall. And, I get it. It is supported by the marriage line studs to the right, but I sure would feel better with a nice header to support the wall and the door. The whole door frame was held in place by two screws.

So I made one.

There, that looks better.
 Oh yeah, and this horror show got fixed too.

The joist under the door completely rotted out. No flashing in place.
The lack of flashing rotted out the joist under the door and the floor.  So, we fixed it.

Oh yeah, much better.
The brown stain you see on the left is a wood preservative. I couldn't get out every little piece of less than perfect wood without literally ripping down the whole wall. We do the best we can. And I added a little extra flashing tape.  Because.

We finally fixed one of our little details.

Let's play spot the difference.  What is different between the two photos?

Yeah, we got rid of the nasty fifth wheel out back messing up the view.

And we found an old, children's hospital bed underneath it.

Gee, that's not creepy at all.

Speaking of creepy, the spiders here are just out of control. There are billions of little ones in the grass, in the house, all over. It's like it's the hottest spider dance club in town. Well, we've met the bouncers. These guys are huge. I think one played linebacker at the local high school.

I finally got a picture of one of the larger ones last night when I came home at two in the morning and was getting ready for a shower.

He had the size, the speed, and the intensity for the NFL, but not the brains.
He had to die. I can't have that crawling on the ceiling above me while I'm naked. 


He was big, but not bright enough to recognize the natural enemy of the spider: The Shop Vac. Another one, a little smaller, was hanging out in the bedroom, and he had to go too. 

Maybe walls will help keep the spiders out. Gotta get those walls up. 

Lemme see your ID. Your name's not on the list.


  1. No header? Yeah, I would say that door was an after thought. I cannot get over the amount of deap remodel you've gotten yourself into. Wow. You seem to be taking all in stride, good for you. And what an accomplishment you will have to look back on in the near future.
    Enjoy the adventure,
    Jeff Knight
    If you haven't already, when it is good and dark outside, try holding a flash light against your temple, make the light beam follow your head-sight line, you'll see the reflection of all the eyeballs looking back at you. I sat on my front porch one night and counted over a 400 , most were spiders a couple were coyote, I could have counted all night but, the mosquitos forced me back in the house.

    1. I haven't done it here, but I've done it elsewhere. Maybe next summer I can freak out the kids.