Sunday, August 7, 2016

The joy of many projects

I think I've said this before, but there are good things about having a thousand things to do.

We started off today with the idea that we would hang a little more sheathing, maybe even make the corner of the house and turn to the last untouched face. 

That would have been nice.  But, an all-too familiar story played out instead.

It was almost a repeat of the last blog post.  We discovered.

Another nest?  Another?!?

Yeah, pretty healthy one too.

Exactly as fun as it looks.

Finally cleared out most of the infestation and surveyed the damage.
More joists needed replacing. 


That meant going inside and pulling up the sub floor. Which was on top of more cabinets.

It didn't look like any sheathing was going up any time soon. 

On the positive side, we've really opened up the kitchen.
That, if you will recall, is one of the joys of having a thousand projects to do. A thousand and one doesn't seem any different.

Two thousand, on the other hand.

Then, of course, it started to rain.

Yeah, still trying to get rid of that trailer.
And not just sprinkle this time. It rained.

Staying classy

Nope, no sheathing today.

Another joy of a thousand projects is you can always just switch to another one if you stall out. There is always something to do.

We have visitors coming soon.  Sarah's parents are coming for a while. Sarah and I decided to buy a mattress and sleep inside Big Stinky while her parents are here. It can get squishy when you put four adults, two kids, and a hundred-pound dog in the RV. Her requirements were a working toilet and a sink we could use for washing our hands and brushing our teeth.

Piece of cake.

Shouldn't be too bad.

Yeah.  That's gotta go.
Time to pull out the old.

What kind of sadist makes that bolt that long? You know it's rusted.
Came out easy enough. Time for cleanup.
Sad when the toilet is the nicest thing in the house.

A much more reasonable bolt.
Some things got done.  Some things didn't. I suppose that's normal.

Another opportunity to flood the house, and I didn't.


As we have discovered, sometimes a good flood takes time. The best strike when you least expect it.

I'm going to go check the toilet.

Back to work (hospital) tomorrow. 

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