Sunday, July 10, 2016

We interrupt our regularly scheduled demolition

A brief interlude:

A problem was creeping up on us. 

We have a dog.  His name is Satchel and he is a wonderful pooch. 

Poor guy, look at his owner.

We have subjected him to this travel lifestyle for half his life.  Unfortunately, time is catching up to him.  The stairs leading up to the RV are pretty steep for an old dog. 

There has to be a better way dad!

He used to bound up and down like it was nothing, but alas, no more.  He was getting really reluctant.  He even fell once or twice trying to get up and something needed to be done.

So, I decided to take my newly discovered handyman confidence and put it to a real test. 

I calculated and measured and even drew lines!

This Old House is brought to you by Crocs. Crocs, the shoe choice of professional carpenters everywhere.

It is taking shape.

I did it. I have a weird shaped piece of wood.
There was some assembly required. And of course, another trip to the lumber yard. Math is hard. 

I didn't do the calculations to see how many steps I would need until after I already bought the first round of wood.  Oops.

Kids!  It's not a spaceship! OK, so it's kind of a cool spaceship.
I nailed everything together, then added a few wood screws just to keep things from backing out and then...

Holy cow.
I know, right!  Listen, I'm as surprised as anyone. Carpentry and whatnot has never been a strong point of mine. This was supposed to be an abject failure. This was all supposed to come crashing down.  Somehow it all went together and worked.

Oh yeah, Satchel won't use it.

There it is...there's that sweet, sweet, failure I'm looking for.

Yup, it terrifies him.  He stands at the top and shakes.  We even put non-skid strips on it to make the footing better but, he still won't use it.  We are going on about five hours now, since I put it up. I am hoping the fear of peeing in the house will outweigh the fear of the stairs and he will use them.

Sigh... I try so hard.

Oh yeah, I added a new door to the back bathroom. 

I had to demolish something.

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