Monday, July 18, 2016

Back to business.

Life can't be all scenic mountain trips and world famous artists, so where were we? 

Oh yeah, destroying my house.

When last we left I had intentionally knocked a section of a wall out for the purpose of removing a shower enclosure without destroying it. It also helped that much of the wall was moldy and rotten anyway.  I'm trying to look at the bright side here.  Some see mold and rot. I see the opportunity to save a shower enclosure. 


I did manage to disconnect everything and pull out the shower.  What did I find?

Yeah, look at that wallpaper. Remember, this thing was built in 1994

This is the wallpaper that all the hip grannies wanted way back in '94.
As wonderful as the wallpaper was, there were troubling things found too.

There may have been some minor water leaks.
They may have been raw sewage.

Oh well.  Everything must go. We kind of knew that going in. Time to get to it.

Pulling out big chunks is fun.

Our ever growing trash pile. What does that sticker say?

Well, I think we have performed our sub-surface inspection now.
Among our many discoveries was a revelation about fasteners. It seems that they are cheap and easy to apply. So, to make up for what may lack in structural materials and building technique, they added fasteners, lots of staples and finishing nails. In some places, the 1/4 inch wall board was held around its perimeter by no less than on fastener per inch.


Yeah, this isn't even the highest staple density area.
 And speaking of shoddy building materials...

Class D-3? I mean I didn't expect 1-A or anything, but at least C-2 or something.

OK, so I don't really know what D-3 means.

I do know what particle board is and I know it doesn't do well with water.

This is what we are left with.

The decor is much improved.

Of course, I still have to rip out the ceiling.

Good thing we performed a sub-surface inspection!

Believe it or not, this is a toilet flange. Really. It may need replacing.

All of this work will be put aside for a little while.  My mom left for home and my sister is arriving tonight. There will be adventuring. 

Oh yeah, and while the weather is good, and there is still money in the budget for assistance, there is another project to do.

Like the siding.

Or this hot mess.

Fun time is over.  Back to business.

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