Thursday, June 30, 2016

We have roof!


There was a ceremonial signing of the check and it was all ours.

Purty ain't she.

Of course, there still isn't a floor in the utility room.

I had to reinforce everything.

  Hey, I'm working a full-time job too.  Now if I could find someone to pay me to rebuild my own house... I don't think I'm fit for reality TV though.

And I built this thing.

Doing a little jig!

I found the idea on the internet. It helps me cut 2x4's and 2x6's nice and even without anyone there to held the boards for me. Dead simple too, just line up the marks and follow the guides.  

But it hasn't all been work.

Really Dad? Could have fooled me.

Nope, the huckleberries are in full fruit as well as the thimble berries. Life is sweet.

We had the electrician out to replace the main power panel.  Turns out melty wires aren't good. Who knew?  I suppose that's why I hired a professional.  But we are up to full power now.

I thought the heat meant it was working.

Things are progressing. I'm trying to keep the blog updated because fun and interesting things are happening. However, it is freaking busy! Oh yeah, and I'm trying to finish the edits on the Adventure Nickel book.  I think we have a cover! 

We are getting things back into shape, rescuing things where we are able and trying to bring things back to life. But we are also trying to find places to make improvements.

Like everything else though, it is unfinished.
Can you see the potential?

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