Saturday, August 8, 2015

Checking in, with pictures!

Wow, where to begin. 

It has been a delightful whirlwind of visiting friends and relatives.  We are still in the campground with no wifi or sewer connections.  Life has its little challenges.  I find myself waiting for laundry to dry and wifi at the lodge.  Let us catch up, shall we?

We had my sister Michelle in town for a week.  We did the Tough Mudder in Whistler, it was great.  We also took her up to Artist's Point to see the mountains and Larabee State Park to see the ocean and Deception Pass because it is pretty.  Then she had to go...and we were sad. 

Then, a few days later, my mom came in to town and we were happy again.  She stayed fora  couple of weeks.  We took her to Artist's Point, and Deception pass, and North Cascades National Park and up into Canada to see the Golden Ears Provincial Park.  Pretty cool.  But, alas, she had to leave as well.  And we had a sad. 

Then, a couple of days later, our friend Ruthie came to visit!  She stayed for a couple of days and we went up to Artist's Point and this time climbed Table Mountain.  It was great.  She left...sad...only a day or two though.

Then my brother Brian and his family Barbara, Deanna and Melanie came to visit for a week.  They rented a lake house near the RV park.  We went and saw Artist's Point, climbed Table mountain, went to Deception Pass, went to Canada and crossed the Capilano suspension bridge and they even went to Seattle and on a whale watching tour.  I had to work for those last two, no biggie.


Lots of pictures though.  Some really good ones too.  I don't have a ton of time or bandwidth, so I have selected a few of my favorites.  It is good to be busy.  We are sad everyone is gone, but might get a visitor from Houston next month.  Something to look forward to. 

A cloudy Mt. Shuksan from Artist Point

The Twin Sisters with Mt. Baker peeking out from behind.

Three levels of family with the Liberty Bell complex behind at  Washington Pass.

Deception Pass with flowers

Sunset on the water in the San Juan Islands.  Need to crop it, no time!

Brother and kids overlooking Samish Bay

Pretty Lupine on Table Mountain

Love my Wild Mountain Momma!

Horseshoe Bend Trail, Nooksack River

A visit we will always remember. 

See No, Hear No, Speak no, with Deanna and the boys.
Laundry is ready!  I'll try not to be so long next time.

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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing!
    (That final pic is priceless, lol!)